25 Years of Online Marketing Experience

Our team has been working in the online marketing world since the dawn of its existence.

Though the years the one thing that has been constant is content, which is why our services are focused around content generation and placement.

Affordable Marketing Services

Our expertise in the online marketing world is also what allows us to refine our processes and approach to marketing. Through this streamlining, we're able to work very efficiently and pass those savings on to you.

Fast Marketing Services

Our efficient processes also allow us to work quickly and get you most items within a week (or less) from the date that you order them. That means we can get your content up quicker and keep your audience and followers updated and informed.

Micahlynn Kaza · Founder / CEO

Micahlynn is the founder of Healthio Marketing and started it so she could bring more affordable marketing options to the health and wellness industry. Micahlynn brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and has been recognized throughout her career with numerous marketing, design, and technical awards.